Splinter Terrorist Groups: Emerging Trends Of Terrorism In Bangladesh, Special Report, September 2013

Innovative new tactics have always been a tool of survival or expansion for terrorist groups all over the world. Activities of extremist/ terrorist groups in Bangladesh now appear to be following a new pattern.  It seems that the older strategy of bigger group, rapid expansion of network and spectacular terrorist acts to capture immediate media and public attention has been abandoned for the time being due to its failure. Such tactics have also been excluded keeping in mind the strong reaction from the security apparatus and the negative public sentiments towards terrorism.

The rise of rather smaller groups in disguise of various activities gives a new impression about the emerging trend. Police in Bangladesh recently unearthed activities of a small group named ‘Ansarullah Bangla Team’ (Volunteer of Allah Bangla Team). Their leader Mohammad Jasimuddin Rahmani was arrested with 30 of his followers on 15th August 2013. On the previous day police recovered huge volume of Jihadist literature, documents and list of persons to be killed through terror attacks. Similar recoveries along with some small arms were made on 24th of the same month in Barisal districts.Bangladesh Institute of Peace and Security Studies (BIPSS) predicted, in its previous publication,this emergence of splinter extremist/ terrorist groups.

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