Cyber Security The Emerging Threat Landscape, Issue Brief 10, January 2012

Issue Brief 1

BIPSS Issue Brief January 2012 edition has just been published. The Issue Brief focuses on cyber security, discusses different types of cyber attacks and looks into the question if threats from cyber space are an emerging threat landscape.
If the whole world is connected via internet, cyber attacks are never just a national threat. Computer viruses, worms and botnets usually affect computers worldwide. So every government and every company who is using electronic data processing has to find a way to secure data, to protect private and confidential data against unauthorized access, to control and limit access to electronic devices and administration, and to fend off attacks on their computer systems. So when it comes to cyber security, governments and companies should keep in mind what damage their sensitive data could create if it falls into wrong hands. Cyber espionage and cyber attacks on elementary infrastructure are only two of the different topics that are discussed in the Issue Brief.  Read more …

Human Trafficking A Security Concern for Bangladesh, 2011

Issue Brief 2

  Read more …

Transnational Security Threats Facing Bangladesh, Issue Brief 8, June 2010

Issue Brief 3

Transnational security issues have been of concern to policy makers for quite some time now. Global terrorism, human trafficking, small arms proliferation and other forms of transnational security threats have raised concern among policy makers for several reasons. First, the negative impacts of such transnational issues do not remain confined to the territorial boundary of a state; rather these spill over and affect other countries. Second, in recent times, transnational security threats have caused serious damage to the economic, social and political development at the systemic level. For instance, drug trafficking in Latin America or transnational terrorism in South Asia have created significant economic, social and political instability. The third reason is equally noteworthy. Limitations of national-level legislation and an absence of adequate transnational collaborative mechanisms or legal regimes have made it quite difficult to decisively deal with most transnational threats.Read More..


Maritime Security The Case of Bangladesh, Issue Brief 4, January 2009

Issue Brief 4

BIPSS Issue Brief on “Maritime Security” is focused on one of the major national security challenges to Bangladesh. Bangladesh has a vast marine area which is quite important for economic and security reasons. In the backdrop of the recent standoff between Bangladesh and Myanmar in the aftermath Myanmar’s attempts for exploration of oil and gas in the claimed marine area of Bangladesh. The issue brief focuses on the issues and problems of demarcation of maritime borders with both India and also include some policy recommendations. Read more …

Environmental Security Coping with climate change and climate security of Bangladesh, Issue Brief 3, August 2008

Issue Brief 5

BIPSS Issue Brief, Climate change is becoming one of the most important human security issues of contemporary international arena. Environmental degradation and its associated affects on national development have already Internally Displaced persons (IDP). The Issues Brief illustrates various problems faced by Bangladesh to effectively deal with climate change and proposes policy recommendations in this regard. Read more…

Energy Security Challenges and Prospects for Bangladesh and South Asia, Issue Brief 2, July 2008

Issue Brief 6

This Issue Brief has identified some of the challenges facing Bangladesh and South Asia. It has highlighted some of the means through which to allay strategic concerns of future energy supplies. The region faces an impending energy shock. In response, institutional change needs to happen swifty and in the form of basic energy management, better transmission infrastructure, and greater efficiency and something as rudimentary as the drafting of countrywide energy strategies must be developed as a basic minimum. Read more…

Securitising Food The Case of South Asia, Issue Brief 1, June 2008

Issue Brief 7

BIPSS Issue Brief, June, 2008 edition has just been published. The Issue Brief highlights the challenges and implications of food security; an emerging lexicon in the current international security agenda. The brief concentrates on the drivers affecting the food crises within South Asia generally; looking more specifically at the impacts upon Bangladesh. It also outlines possible way forward to mitigate immediate and mid-term repercussions of the crises. Read more…