Lecture and Speaking Engagements of President BIPSS

Upcoming Lecture / Conference Events 2020



Theme / Subject
Conference / Seminar / Venue Month & Year
1 “Gender Based Violence (GBV) during COVID-19 Pandemic” Bangladesh December


President BIPSS Lectures and Presentation Calendar 2020




Theme / Subject
Conference / Seminar / Venue Month & Year
1 ‘Eastern Union: A Brave New World’, an Economic Summit, India January 2020
2 Living in An Age of Disorder BIPSS January
3 Global Trends 2020 BIPSS and The Daily Star February
4 Bangladesh : Economic Outlook 2020 BIPSS February
5 Non Traditional Security Challenges Facing Bangladesh BIPSS and The Daily Star March
6 Indo – Pacific Strategy Conference in Paris Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France and Institute for Higher Studies in National Defence (IHEDN) March
7 Localisation Road Map for Rohingya Humanitarian Intervention BIPSS March
8 “Bangladesh and the Region: Facing the challenges in post COVID world.” International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and BIPSS October
9 “Bangladesh-China Development Cooperation: Experience and Outlook” CPD October
10 Mapping the Non Traditional Threat Landscape in Bangladesh and South Asia.’ International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and BIPSS November
11 “The Threat of Religious Extremism in Bangladesh and Ways of Countering the Threat. Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), Bangladesh November
12 Biosecurity Threats: Understanding & Meeting The New Challenge Jinjiang Eastern Forum 2020. The yearly forum arranged by Sichuan University in China November


President BIPSS Lectures and Presentation Calendar 2019




Theme / Subject
Conference / Seminar / Venue Month & Year
1 Keynote Speech Harvard Conference Harvard University, USA February,2019
2 Non Traditional Security Summit Singapore March,2019
3 Myanmar – BD Track 1.5 Dialogue Singapore March,2019
4 NTS Conference Singapore March,2019
5 BRI Forum Beijing, China April,2019
6 Dialogue of Asian Civilization Beijing May,2019
7 BRI Media Conference Nanjing, China May,2019
8 China-South Asia Think Tank Forum 2019 Kunming,China June,2019
9 Bilateral Visit to MISIS, Myanmar Myanmar June,2019
10 Mayanmar – BD Track 1.5 Dialogue Singapore July 2019
11 BIPSS – ISIS, Malaysia Meeting Kuala Lumpur July,2019
12 Colombo Defence Seminar 2019 Sri Lanka August,2019
13 UN Peace Support Operation Conference Singapore August 2019
14 Presentation at UN Climate Summit New York, USA September 2019
15 Presentation at Valdai Policy club Sochi, Russia September 2019
16 Mayanmar – BD track 1.5 Dialogue Singapore October 2019
17 Presentation at Xiangshan Security Foram Beijing, China October 2019
18 Briefings / Presentations at EU Parlament and MFA Belgium, Brussels October 2019
19 Conference on 70 years of PRC Shanghai November 2019
20 Presentation at Istanbul Security conference Istanbul, Turkey November 2019
21 COSATT Planning Meeting held in Bangkok Bangkok, Thailand November 2019


President BIPSS Lectures and Presentation Calendar 2018




Theme / Subject
Conference / Seminar / Venue Month & Year
1 Crisis Management Conference Kathmandu, Nepal January,2018
2 Pondicherry University India February,2018
3 Track 2 Dialogue in Singapore with Myanmar on the Rohingya issue Singapore March,2018
4 International Film Festival and Forum for Human Rights Geneva,Switzerland March,2018
5 Meeting and conference Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia April,2018
6 NTS-Asia Summit Singapore March,2018
7 5th Yunnan – Bangladesh Cooperation Dialogue Kunming, China April,2018
8 Bangladesh – Myanmar Track 2 Dialogue Singapore June,2018
9 6th China – South and South East Asia Think Tank Forum Kunming, China June,2018
10 Meeting and conference Kunming, China August,2018
11 Led a Think Tank Delegation to China Beijing, Dalian, Shanghai and Kunming August,2018
12 Colombo Defence Seminar 2018 Colombo, Sri Lanka September,2018
13 International conference on BIMSTEC at 20 Singapore September,2018
14 Bangladesh Myanmar Track 2 Dialogue Singapore September,2018
15 Energy Security and Market Integration in South Asia Kathmandu, Nepal October,2018
16 Xiangshan Forum – 2018 Beijing, China October,2018
17 Middle East Strategic Future Conference Doha, Qatar November,2018
18 BRI Conference Colombo November,2018
19 Asian Think Tank Summit Bali, Indonesia November,2018
20 Bangladesh – Myanmar Track 2 Dialogue Singapore December,2018
21 INSS Annual Conference Colombo, Sri Lanka December,2018
22 Horasis Asia Summit Ho Chi Minh City December,2018
23 Climate Change Summit – Cop24 Katowice, Poland December,2018


President BIPSS Lectures and Presentation Calendar 2017




Theme / Subject
Conference / Seminar / Venue Month & Year
1 RSIS Seminars Singapore January,2017
2 Future Force Conference Netherlands,Hague February 2017
3 Meetings/ Consultation Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia March 2017
4 NTS – Asia Conference Singapore Singapore March 2017
5 COSATT Conference Colombo,Srilanka April,2017
6 Meeting of the UN Security Council UN headquarters,USA April 2017
7 Moscow Security Conference Moscow, Russia April,2017
8 One Belt One Road (OBOR) Chengdu,China May 2017
9 5th CSSA – TTF Kunming,China June 2017
10 CICA Forum Beijing,China June 2017
11 IRAHSS 2017 Singapore July 2017
12 Re-Energising The SAARC Process ISAS, National University of Singapore August,2017
13 South Asia : Mapping The Strategie Landscape Institute of Strategie and International Studies, Malaysia August ,2017
14 Meeting The Challenges of Extremism by Advancing Human Security Centered Policies. INSSSL and Near East and South Asia Centre at National Defence University, USA, Conference in Colombo Sept 2017
15 From Contest to cooperation : A Vision of Shared Prosperity in the Indo-Pacific Region United Services Institute, New Delhi, India Nov,2017
16 Enriching The Middle East’s Development, Doha, Qatar UCLA Center for Middle East Development, Doha, Qatar Nov,2017
17 Strategic India Summit: Looking at the Drivers of strategic Change. Kolkata, India Nov 2017
18 Planetary Security Conference Analysing Security of Geo-Engineering The Hauge, Netherlands Dec 2017


President BIPSS Lectures and Presentation Calendar 2016




Theme / Subject
Conference / Seminar / Venue Month & Year
1 Non-traditional Security and HADR conference NTU, Singapore January,2016
2 Raisina Dialogue MEA,New Delhi, India February,2016
3 Smart Border ORF, New Delhi, India February,2016
4 Strategic Studies Summit Ankara, Turkey March,2016
5 Moscow Security Summit Moscow, Russia April,2016
6 COSATT Conference in Kathmandu Kathmandu, Nepal. May,2016
7 Europe-Asia Think-Thanks Summit Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia May,2016
8 Resources, Sovereignty and Geopolitics Hong Kong May,2016
9 China-South Asia Think-Tank Forum Kunming, China June,2016
10 Understanding China Beijing, China July,2016
11 Regional Conference on Migration and IDPs in South Asia Colombo, Srilanka August,2016
12 Climate Change and The Maritime Environment Victoria, Canada October,2016
13 Emerging Security Architecture in the Asia-Pacific Region Beijing, China October,2016
14 Europe-Asia Counter Terrorism Cooperation conference Singapore November,2016
15 SIAMO-Higher Defence Institute, Paris Paris November,2016
16 COSATT Planning Meeting Bangkok November,2016
17 Climate Change and Security Conference The Chatham House,London,UK December,2016
18 Climate Security The Threat Map RUSI ,London, UK December,2016
19 Meeting with Defense Select Committee British Parliament London, UK December,2016
20 Brief National Security Strategy Committee British Parliament London , UK December,2016
21 Post release Statement of film “The Age of Consequences” London, UK December,2016
22 Plantary Security Conference The Hague Natherlands December,2016



President BIPSS Lectures and Presentation Calendar 2015




Theme / Subject
Conference/Seminar/Venue Month & Year
01 The Emerging Security Architecture in the Asia-Pacific Region  Xiangshan Forum
 January, 2015
02  South Asia: Its Emerging Security Dynamics Defence Academy,

United Kingdom

January, 2015
03  The State of Democracy and Governance in South Asia  Hotel Lake Castle, Gulshan, Dhaka  January, 2015
04 The 21st Century Maritime Silk Route: New Hopes and Opportunities Xiamen,China February, 2015
05 Political Instability in Member States: Its Impact on the SAARC Process’ and ‘Countering Terrorism in South Asia Kathmandu, Nepal March, 2015
06 Non-Traditional Security Threats facing The Islamic Countries OICThink Tank Forum,
Islamabad, Pakistan
March, 2015
07 The Risks of Climate Change to Global Economic Development and Security FCO,

Delhi, India

March, 2015
08  Building Strategic Partnership Antalya, Turkey March, 2015
09 Indo-Bangladesh Relations and the Threat of Terrorism and Extremism in the region  New Delhi, India April, 2015
10 Maritime issues with the the National Maritime Foundation [NMF] New Delhi, India April, 2015
11 International workshop on Responsibility to Protect (R2P) USI / MEA
New Delhi, India
April, 2015
12 Proportionate Response to the Risk of Climate Change  FCO,
United Kingdom
April, 2015
13 The Role of Leadership in Climate Change Management United Kingdom April, 2015
14 Paris and Beyond- The State of Climate Change Diplomacy Seoul, Korea April, 2015
15 UN Conference Bonn, Germany June, 2015
16 Building Belt and Road: Towards A Shared Community Of Interest China-South Asia Think Tank Forum, Kunming, China June, 2015
17 Road to Paris: EU Climate Diplomacy at Work Washington DC, USA June ,2015
18 Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Summit Astana, Kazakhstan July, 2015
 19  Role of Civil Society in CVE Istanbul, Turkey  July, 2015
 20  Indo-Bangladesh Cooperation Dialogue  Bangkok, Thailand  August, 2015
 21 Cybersecurity: Risk Recovery and Resilience American Security Project (ASP), Washington DC, USA September , 2015
22 Regional cooperation, Peace and Stability Operations State Department, USA September , 2015
 23 Maritime Security in the Indian Ocean Region, CVE, Climate National Defense University, USA September , 2015
 24  Bangladesh and the Region Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), USA September, 2015
 25  South Asian Security US House of Representatives, USA October,  2015
 26 South Asian security, CVE, cyber security Senate Foreign Relations Committee, USA October,  2015
27 Xiangshan Forum Beijing, China October,  2015
28 ‘Xiangshan Forum ’ Building a Security Architecture for the Asia-Pacific Region Beijing
October,  2015
29 National Security Policies in South Asia: Issues and Challenges PPG Conference Room (NAC-1058) of North South University
October,  2015
30 Planetary Security Conference The Hague
31 GMACCC event on Climate Change Paris
December 2015
32 United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP21) Paris
December 2015
33 Roundtable on ”The Future of Strategic Competition in the Indian Ocean and its Implications for South Asia” Hotel Lake Castle
December 2015
34 Yunnan Bangladesh Forum Dhaka, Bangladesh December,2015



President BIPSS Lectures and Presentation Calendar 2014



Theme Conference/Seminar/Venue Date & Month
01 Water Security Simulation Game Washington DC January 2014
02 The Strategic Studies Summit Bangkok February 2014
03 Cooperative Development, Peace and Security in South Asia Download Kathmandu, Nepal February 2014
04 Strategic Stability in the Indian Ocean Download Port Louis, Mauritius March, 2014
05 Building Social Harmony: Interfaith Youth Dialogue Hotel Lake Castle, Gulshan, Dhaka 10 March, 2014
06 SAARC Region – Security and Threat Landscape Bangladesh Police Staff College 19 March, 2014
07 South Asia 2025: Taking it to the Next Level Singapore 10-15 April, 2014
08 Panel Discussion on ‘Indian Elections 2014: Implications for Bangladesh’ Hotel Lake Castle, Dhaka 05 May, 2014
09 Security Cooperation in Asia Pacific Region Beijing 26-28 May, 2014
10 Patchwork Governance: Asian and European Perspectives on Global Governance Singapore 4 June, 2014
11 Political transition in India: What it Means for South Asia and Beyond. BIPSS Eminent Person Lecture LakeShore Hotel, Dhaka 11 June, 2014
12 Computer Simulated Conflict Game as a part of analytical exchange on Global Water security issues Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia June, 2014
13 National Interest and Vulnerability in the Current Negotiations Yangon 2-7 September, 2014
14 United Nations Climate Summit event New York City 22-23 September, 2014
15 Bangladesh: A Strategic Maritime Nation Washington DC 24-25 September, 2014
16 Roundtable titled : Bangladesh In Focus Atlantic Council
Washington DC
October 2014
17 Conference on Bangladesh ASP
Washington DC
October 2014
18 A Conversation on Bangladesh and the South Asian Security Environment National Defense University(NDU)
Washington DC
October 2014
19 Round Table on South Asian and Bangladesh Issue USIP
Washington DC
October 2014
20 International conference on ‘Conflict and Environment’ FOI
October 2014
21 Regional Integration  and the role of BCIM CASS
October 2014
22 Indo-Bangladesh Relation VIF
New Delhi, India
November  2014
23 India’s Neighborhood Policy: Indo-Bangladesh Relation  ORF
New Delhi, India
November  2014
24 Look East Policy: Commonalities Of Indo-Bangladesh Approach IPCS
New Delhi, India
November  2014
25 India-Bangladesh: Working together for South Asia Integration JNU
New Delhi, India
November  2014
26 Indian Ocean Security: How To Avoid Conflict USI
New Delhi, India
November  2014
27 Challenges To Asia Pacific Security: Building New Security Architecture Xiangshan Forum
November  2014
28 Climate Security and its impact on national and regional stability National Defense University(NDU)
December 2014

President BIPSS Lectures and Presentation Calendar 2013

SL No. Theme Conference/Seminar /Venue Date & Month

01 SAARC Region: Security and Threat Police Staff College, Dhaka January, 2013
02 ICN Cairo, Egypt February, 2013
03 USI Conference on Afghanistan Delhi
04 Climate and Resource Security Conference


Seoul, Korea March, 2013
05 International Seminar Climate change and First Security Implication National Defence Studies, Royal Thai Army, Bangkok, Thailand March, 2013
06 OIC Countries: A Future of Economic Security Cairo, Egypt March, 2013
07 Identifying the Global Dimensions of Security US State Department Conference, Washington DC April, 2013
08 Climate Change and Global Security American Security Project (ASP),
Washington DC
April, 2013
09 Security Implication of Climate Change: Its Impact on national and Regional Stability Pacific Environmental Security Forum. Sydney, Australia April, 2013
10 International Security Forum Geneva Center for Security Policy April, 2013
11 Directors Meeting Geneva April, 2013
12 South Asian Security South Asian Leaders Engagement Programe. Harvard University May, 2013
13 South Asian Think Tanks (COSATT) Kathmandu, Nepal May, 2013
14 South Asia and the MENA region and looks at critical security issues Strategic Studies Network (SSN), Jordan May, 2013
15 Bangladesh China Dialougue Kunming June, 2013
16 Budapest Hungary June, 2013
17 South Asia — Vision 2025 Kathmandu, Nepal 28th to 30th August 2013
18 Global Military Advisory Council on Climate Change (GMACCC) policy statement at COP 19 in Warsaw termed ‘Second Call to Action’. Brussels 22nd September 2013
19 Bangladesh at Cross Roads: A Political and Security Outlook Washington DC, USA 1st October 2013
20 BBC Shonglap BBC Bangla, Channel I 4th November, 2013
21 Fifth South Asia Regional Dialogue, South Asia 2025: Common Future, Shared Responsibilities Kathmandu, Nepal 4th -6thNovember, 2013
22 South Asian Strategic and Security issues and the current situation in Bangladesh The Curry Club, Washington, DC 19thNovember, 2013
23 Subcommittee Hearing: Bangladesh in Turmoil: A Nation on the Brink? US Congress Foreign Affairs Subcommittee, Rayburn House Office Building, Washington D.C 20thNovember, 2013
24 Humanitarian Interventions Geneva December, 2013
25 The Global Humanitarian Summit (UN) Headquarters in New York December, 2013
26 South Asian Water Security and Governance Kathmandu 26th to 30th November
27 The 3rd Yunnan-Bangladesh Cooperation Dialogue Kunming, China 31st December

President BIPSS Lectures and Presentation Calendar 2012

SL No. Theme Conference/Seminar /Venue Date&Month
01 Identity and Radicalization: The Challenges Ahead National Intelligence University Washington


January 2012
02 Climate Disruption National Conference on Science & Environment. Washington D.C


January 2012
03 Climate Change and National Security Terrorism, Transnational Crime and Corruption Center (TraCCC), George Mason University, USA January 2012
04 Security Dimension of Climate Change: A Case Study of Bangladesh American Association of Advance Science Convention,Vancouver,Canada


February 2012
05 Water and Disaster Management in South Asia Institute of South Asian Studies, Kathmundu, Nepal February 2012
06 A Cliamte and Resource Security Dialogue for the 21st Century Ministry of Foreign Affairs, British Government, London, UK February 2012
07 The Cost of Conflict Kalahari Resort, South Africa


March 2012
08 Security Implications of Climate Change” and Environmental Security: A Case Study of Bangladesh West Africa Region Environmental Security Conference, Ghana Jun 2012
09 The Role of Social Media in Influencing Social Revolution Cyber Security Conference organized by US State Department and Center for Excellence in National Security (CENS) in Singapore Aug 2012
10 Security Implication of Climate Change: A Comprehensive Case Study of Bangladesh NTS-Asia Annual Convention 2012—Policy Roundtable on Asian Non-Traditional Security in Beijing, China Aug 2012
11 Illicit Trafficking in Maritime Domain: The Security Implications International Maritime Security Conference, Rome, Italy Sept 2012
12 The Environment and Security in the Pacific Islands Region: Priority Risks, Challenges, And Actions for a Secure Future Environment and Security Workshop in Honolulu, Hawaii Sept 2012
13 Role of Think Tank on South Asia COSATT Conference Bhutan Sep 2012
14 Disaster Risk Reduction in the Age of Climate Change European Development Day Conference (EDD 12) in Brussels Oct 2012
15 Foreign and Development Policy Beijing Conference Oct 2012
16 Environment and Development linkages for Sustinable Future African Conference, Gabon Oct 2012
17 Stratigic Studies Summit Bangkok Thailand Nov 2012
18 Security Landscape in the Asia Pacific Region Beijing China Nov 2012
19 BIPSS Roundtable on The Role of Social Media in Influencing Social Change: The Social and Security Implications Dhaka, Bangladesh Nov 2012


President BIPSS Lectures and Presentation Calendar 2011

SL No. Theme Conference/Seminar /Venue Date & Month

01 Energy and Environmental Security: A cooperative approach in South Asia Kathmandu, Nepal January 2011
02 Climate induced migration and Security Cox Bazar, Bangladesh March 2011
03 Climate change adaption and the military ‘Pacific Environmental Security Conference (PESC), Hawaii, USA March 2011
04 Security and Public Diplomacy OIC Conference,

Istanbul, Turkey

March 2011
05 Security Studies-Priorities and future directions Milan Italy April 2011
06 Water Security in South Asia: Cooperation or Conflict Oslo, Norway April 2011
07 Indian Ocean Rim: Association of Regional Cooperation Indian Council of World Affairs Conference, New Delhi, India May 2011
Climate Change and Bangladesh
Briefing with US National War College delegates in Dhaka May 2011
09 Climate Security: The Case of Bangladesh Briefing with Royal College of Defence Studies, UK in Dhaka May 2011
10 Counter-Terrorism: A Cooperative Approach Tehran University, Iran May 2011
11 Nepal-Bangladesh Dialogue: A New Horizon Kathmandu, Nepal May 2011
12 Energy Security in South Asia COSAT Conference, Colombo, Sri Lanka June 2011
13 Rising Power and world order Rising Power and world order, Peking University,Beijing, China. June 2011
14 Security in the Asia-Pacific Age Asia-Pacific Roundtable, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia June 2011
15 EU-South Asia Cooperation Berlin, Germany July 2011
16 Water Security & Hydro Politics of South Asia Visiting Fellowship, Oslo, Norway August – September-2011
17 A Complex Security Nexus : Water Stress, Security and Migration in South Asia Speaking at PRIO,Oslo Norway August – September-2011
18 The Security Implications of Climate Change : A Post Security Councial Resolution Analysis Speaking at NUPI August – September-2011
19 South Asian Hydro Politics Speaking at Climate Change Conference in Bergen, Norway August – September-2011
20 Indo-Bangladesh Dialogue: Rethinking Bilateral Security New Delhi, India September 2011
21 Climate Change: Conflict and Migration


UN University For Peace, Costarica and IES,The Hague,Netherlands September 2011
22 Energy and Environmental Security


US Airforce University September 2011
23 Intelligence in the Information Age Middle East Geospatial Summit, Doha, Qatar September 2011
24 Climate Change and Security Bergen, Norway September 2011
25 Transnational Security Threats CATR Conference, Dhaka, Bangladesh October 2011
26 Politicized Identity, Reactive Deportment & Violent Extremism Within Global Futures Forum, Singapore October 2011
27 Climate Change : The Impact on the Coastal Belt Regiom Climate Chnage Conference, Berlin, sponsored by German Ministry of Foreign Affiars October 2011
28 Strengtheningg Regional Security Cooperation and Capacity in South Asia Office of UN Headquarters, New York October 2011
29 The Unpleasant Truth:Sexual Exploitation in UN Peace Keeping Operations Legacy of Wartime Rape: Concept and Issues, Children Born Out of WarOslo, Norway October 2011
30 China-Bangladesh Dialogue Dhaka, Bangladesh November 2011
31 Energy Security Male, Maldives November 2011

Previous Lectures and Presentation 2010

Serial No. Theme Conference/Seminar /Venue Date & Month
01 Asian Security Public Seminar at the Tejeros Hall, Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City ,thePhilippines. 29 October 2010
02 Transnational Security Threat The 10th Bi-Annual International Conference of the Council for Asian Transnational Threat Research (CATR), in cooperation with the Institute for Defense Analysis (IDA), in Makati City, the Philippines. 26-28 October 2010
03 New Challenges to Security in Asia Pacific Region PLA Academy of Military Science (AMS); Beijing, China. 21- 25 October, 2010
04 Terrorism in South Asia The Asia Pacific Programme for Senior Military Officers (APPMSO) organised by the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS); Singapore. 05- 10 August, 2010
05 Fighting Small Wars in the 21stCentury Special Workshop organised jointly by the Singapore Armed Forces and the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Singapore. 10-03 August, 2010
06 The Impact of Climate Change: Are Nations Secure? Aspen Environmental Forum 2010 in USA. 25- 28July, 2010
07 “Post-Crisis Global and Regional Order” &“East Asian Community” MacArthur Asia Security Initiative 2010 Annual Meeting in Seoul, Korea. 07-09 July, 2010
08 The Role of Small States in Global Economy The annual Global India Business Meeting in Madrid, Spain. 28-29 June, 2010
09 Promoting De-radicalization and Disengagement from Violent Extremism: What Role for the International Community and the UN? Roundtable discussionat IPI’s Trygve Lie Center for Peace, Security & Development, in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway in New York, USA. 23 June, 2010
10 Bangladesh –GCC Relations –A Future Outlook The Bahrain Centre of Studies & Research (BCSR),Bahrain Royal Chartered Think Tank, Bahrain. 09 June, 2010
11 Reassessing the Security Challenges of Climate Change The Shangri-La Dialogue, the 9th IISS Asia Security Summit, Singapore. 04- 06 June, 2010
12 Country Threats Assessment & Major Findings Conference of the Council for Asian Transnational Threat Research (CATR) in Singapore. 17- 19 May, 2010
13 Contemporary security issues including maritime piracy, new naval technologies and port security. Fourth biennial maritime security conference, WPNS Maritime Security Challenges Seminar ( WPNS-MSC) in Victoria ,British Columbia, Canada. 26- 29 April, 2010
14 Asia-Pacific Security and Defence Policies IISS International workshop Supported by the MacArthur Foundation’s Asia Security Initiative, Singapore. 14 April, 2010
15 Countering Violent Extremism: Learning from Deradicalization Programs in Some Muslim Majority States Conference organized by the International Peace Institute , the Arab Thought Forum and Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Amman, Jordan. 16- 17 March, 2010
16 Enhancing Soldier C41 Capacity International Conference in Singapore February, 2010.
17 Alternative Future of Afghanistan and Southwest Asia The World Security Conference and Third Consultation in Brussels, Belgium. 17 February, 2010
18 Accelerating Responses for Climate Security The 7th Worldwide Security Conference (WSC 7)in Brussels, Belgium. 16 February, 2010
19 Knowledge for Cooperation “Think Tank Organizations Forum of the Islamic Countries” organized by the Institute of Islamic Countries of TASAM ( Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies) in Istanbul , Turkey. 28-30 January, 2010
20 Climate Security and Resilience International Alert UK, Kathmandu, Nepal. 03 September, 2010
21 Transnational Security: The Challenge for Nation States Sangam Institute for Policy Analysis and Strategic Studies, Kathmandu, Nepal. 04 September, 2010
22 Strategic Forecasting ‘Strategic Forecasting ‘ – Global Futures Forum (GFF); Singapore. 12- 15 September 2010
23 Singapore Global Dialogue, Singapore. 23-24 September 2010
24 Climate Change and Energy Security G- 20 Consultative Meeting; London, UK. October 2010
25 Understanding South Asian Water Landscape South Asian Water Summit; New Delhi, India. October 2010
26 The Common Challenge of Terrorism in South Asia and Prospects of Regional Cooperation 4th IDSA International Conference on South Asiain New Delhi, India. 02-03 November 2010
27 Climate Security and the Role of the Military EU- ARF Conference, Brussels, Belgium. 18- 19 November 2010
28 Non- Traditional Security Issue Non- Traditional Security Conference, Singapore. November 2010
29 Asia at 2060: A Future Study Taiwan November 2010
30 Energy Security in climate changed world G-20 Pre-Summit Conference, Oxford University, UK November 2010
31 Benefits of Cooperation in the Himalayan River Basin countries of Bangladesh, China, India and Nepal International workshop in Singapore 02-03 December 2010


Year 2009

Sl Subject/ theme Venue/ Country Time
78 International Workshop on “Himalayan Sub-regional Cooperation for Water Security” BIPSS, SFG(India), Dhaka January, 2010
77 International workshop on “Counter Terrorism Capacity Building (CTCB)” BIPSS, Dhaka December 2009
76 Climate Change and International Security (CCIS) Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA),Copenhagen December, 2009
75 Security of small states in South Asia RUSI, London, UK December’2009
74 “War, Military Security and the Role of Intelligence” International Conference on “National Intelligence Studies”, South Korea, november, 2009
73 Non-Tradition Security Asia RSIS, Singapore November, 2009
72 Global Financial Crisis and China’s Responsibilities. Beijing Forum (Peking University), China November, 2009
71 Soldier Modernisation : Strategic Impacts on the Battle Space Soldier Modernisation Conference, Abudhbi, UAE October, 2009
70 Transnational Threat Assessment: South Asian Scenario CATR, Seoul, Korea October,2009
69 Global Response towards Crisis National intelligent Studies International Symposium,
South Korea
68 Water: Mutual Learning and Trans- Boundary Collaboration Strategic Foresight Group, First International Workshop, Nepal, August, 2009.
67 Confidence and Security Building Measures and Confidence Building Measures National Defence College August, 2009.
66 Climate Change and Conflict in Bangladesh BIPSS Roundtable, Dhaka June 2009
65 Singapore-Bangladesh Dialogue: Towards closer Relationship Institute of South Asian Studies (ISAS),Singapore May 2009
64 The Prospects and Conditions for Peaceful Development in South Asia World Social Science Forum (WSSF)
Bergen, Norway
May 2009
63 Global Security Implications of Climate Change International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS),
Washington DC, USA
May 2009
62 Maritime Security Challenge in the Asia Pacific CATR Bi-annual Conference,
Jakarta, Indonesia
April 2009
61 Civil Military Relations in Democracy National Defence College, Dhaka April 2009


Bangladesh and it’s place in South Asia Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Oslo, Norway April 2009


Regional Security and Stability in South Asia Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO), Norway April 2009


State Security and Insecurity in South Asia Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, Norway April 2009


South Asian Security Architecture Norwegian Institute of International affairs (NUPI), Norway. April 2009


BDR mutiny: Security implications for Bangladesh and the Region BIPSS-The Bangladesh Today Roundtable, Dhaka March 2009


Global Security: Present context and effects on Bangladesh Police Staff College, Dhaka March 2009


Countering Terrorism: Building a Common Approach in SAARC IPCS, Katmandu, Nepal February 2009


Counter Terrorism Strategy for South Asia International Conference for Counter Terrorism Strategy for South Asia. February 2009


Non-conventional threats to Indian Security BIPSS Roundtable, Dhaka February 2009


China- South Asia Strategic Relations BIPSS-SIIS Roundtable, Dhaka. February 2009


Bangladesh elections and the future of Bangladesh-India relations IPCS, New Delhi, India January 2009


Growing Terrorism in South Asia: Evolving common strategies Center for Land Warfare Studies, New Delhi, India January 2009


Bangladesh’s Maritime Boundary: Bangladesh Perspective National Maritime Foundation, New Delhi, India January 2009


South Asian Security USI, New Delhi, India January 2009


Weak and Soft States in South Asia: The Security Dilemma BIPSS Roundtable, Dhaka January 2009


Year 2008


Subject/ theme

Venue/ Country



Democratic Control of the Military Ottawa, Canada December 2008


Meeting with Asia team Royal United Services Institute
(RUSI), London, UK
December 2008


Bangladesh elections and prospects International Institute for
Strategic Studies (IISS),
London, UK
December 2008


Bangladesh at the crossroads: democracy
and radicalization amidst emerging security
architecture of South Asia
British Parliament, UK December 2008


Nuclear Proliferation IDA (USA) Conference in Japan November 2008


Role of Education in Counter Terrorism Ministry of Education, Japan and CATR, Tokyo November 2008


CATR Board of Governors Meeting CATR Conference, Tokyo, Japan November 2008


Counter Terrorism Strategy: In Search of South Asian Cooperation South Asian Regional Conference, Dhaka. October 2008


Scientific Research for Homeland Security: Fostering International Partnerships US Homeland Security Summit, Hawaii, USA October 2008


International Risk Assessment and Horizon Scanning Conference Government of Singapore, Singapore October 2008


New Dimension of Asymmetrical Security ANU/NUS Joint Conference, Singapore October 2008


Countering The Financing of Terrorism (CFT) Consortium of CFT, Sheraton Hotel, Dhaka August


New Dimensions of Peace Operations ANU, Canberra, Australia July


Emerging Security Architecture of South Asia ANU, Canberra, Australia July


An eGovernment strategy for Bangladesh, eGoverment Workshop Canberra, Australia July


US Policy of preemption and its impact on Global Politics. Defence Services Command and Staff College, Dhaka. July


Confidence and Security Building Measures (CSBM) and Confidence Building Measures (CBM). NDC, Mirpur Cantonment, Dhaka July


Asia Pacific Roundtable CSCAP, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia June


UN Peace Support Operation: New Challenges and Realities. National University at Mar Del Plata, Argentina June


Roundtable on South Asian Security Argentine Academy for Asian and African Studies, Argentina. June


Rise of Asia and its security architecture. University of Salvador, Argentina. June


Security Landscape in South Asia. University of La Plata, Argentina. June


Rise of Asia and its security architecture. Argentine Council for Foreign Relations, Argentina May


Cyber Terrorism: The New War CATR Conference, Sydney, Australia May


The Asian Security Summit The Shaingrila Dialogue, Singapore May


Freedom of Press for Functional Democracy Press Institute, Dhaka April


The Process of Violent Radicalization in Bangladesh: Problems and Challenges GFF Annual Convention, Vancouver, Canada April


Means and Methods of Warfare in Armed Conflict. ICRC-MOFA Training Workshop, Dhaka March


Civil Military Relation (CMR) National Defence College (NDC), Mirpur Cantonment, Dhaka March


National Security Perception: Geo Political Aspect and Analysis. Police Staff College, Dhaka March


Violent Radicalization: The Case of Bangladesh GFF-CENS Conference, Singapore February


The Changing Strategic Landscape: New Challenges and Realities BIPSS- German International Seminar, Dhaka January


South Asia Think Tanks Director’s Conference New Delhi, India January


Humanitarian Intervention in Fragile States BIPSS- ICRC International Seminar, Radisson Hotel, Dhaka January


Regional Connectivity for Development South Asian Conference, New Delhi, India. January


Year 2007


Subject/ theme

Venue/ Country



Bangladesh: Democracy at Crossroads. Heritage Foundation, Washington DC, USA. September


Multiplatform Communication Strategy: Getting the extremist message Rajaratnam School of International Studies of Nanyang Technology University, Singapore November


Communication Strategy of Terrorist Groups. CATR Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. November


Confidence and Security Building Measures (CSBM) and Confidence Building Measures (CBM). NDC, Mirpur Cantonment, Dhaka August


Conference on South Asian Security IISS Conference, Muscat, Qatar. August


Information Warfare (IW) National Defence College (NDC), Mirpur Cantonment, Dhaka July


Asian Security Summit. Shangri-La-Dialogue, Singapore. June


Profiling Terrorist Groups CATR Conference, Manila, Philippine May


Role of China in SAARC Shanghai Institute for International Studies, China. April


South Asian Security Dimension Department of International Relations, Yangon University, Myanmar. March