Bangladesh Centre for Terrorism Research (BCTR)

Bangladesh Institute of Peace and Security Studies (BIPSS) is a non-party, non-profit organization and independent think tank devoted to the study of peace and security issues related to South and Southeast Asia and beyond. The leading strategic thinkers, academicians, formers members of Civil Services, Foreign Services, Armed Forces and media persons are associated with the Institute in its endeavour to devise a comprehensive framework for peace and security studies.

The institute, headed by the President of BIPSS, Major General Muniruzzaman, ndc, psc, (Retd.) has lunched Bangladesh Centre for Terrorism Research (BCTR), a specialized centre dedicated to study, data management and research on terrorism, radicalization and extremism. BCTR, a unique research centre dedicated to the study and research of terrorism, aims at reducing the threat of terrorism and minimizing its impact on society.

BCTR is the first such institution in Bangladesh for research and analysis on all aspects of broad spectrum of terrorism, extremism and radicalization issues in this region. It will serve as a critical space for reflection, a forum for research, training, exchanges and dialogue between practitioners, academics and activists at all levels.

The establishment of the BCTR involves manifold objectives:

To advocate policy reforms to effectively combat the threats of terrorism and radicalization.
To foster partnerships with regional and international research organizations and think tanks with a view to creating a comprehensive platform for the study of terrorism, extremism and radicalism.
To highlight the effective steps taken and policies adopted by the government in countering radicalization, extremism and terrorism.
To work as depository for research paper, literature and information related to extremism/ radicalization/ terrorism.
To work as a link portal with other terrorism research centres around the world.
To initiate the process of understanding the evolution and the contours of terrorism in this region and beyond.
To track down the basic/ core/ inherent problems and transnational linkages of terrorism in South and South East Asia.
To set up Confidence Building Measures (CBM) among the South Asian countries.
To tie together experts, think tanks and scholars for effective regional counter terror strategy.
Since, there is no such dedicated institute available, either in Bangladesh or in South Asia, to address the above mentioned issues; it is extremely advantageous to organize a dedicated think-tank based in Bangladesh with linkages to regional and international think-tanks to address the above issues.

For more information on the BCTR, contact , phone: 880-2-8849092-3, Fax: 880-2-8849092-3, Ext: 111.