President BIPSS Speaks On Rising Powers Power Staff and Regional Security Impacts

President BIPSS Major General Muniruzzaman (Retd.) was invited by the School of International Studies and the Center for International and Strategic Studies at Peking University, China to attend and speak in the MacArthur Foundation Asia Security Initiative (MASI) Annual Conference held on June 10- 12, 2011 at Beijing.  Presentation

The theme of the Conference was “Rising Powers and the World Order”. The Conference was attended by leading scholars and strategic thinkers from around the world. President BIPSS spoke  on ‘Rising Powers, Power shift, and Regional Security Impacts’ in which he highlighted how the realignment of the major regional and global powers in the Asia-Pacific region is breaking the traditional power scenario of the region. He also emphasised that the dynamic repositioning and intersecting interests of the US, China, Japan, India, and Russia is potentially a combustible mix which is also presenting new security challenges to the Asia-Pacific region.

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