Building Awareness to Combat Fake News and Disinformation | 13 Aug 2023

The Bangladesh Institution of Peace and Security Studies (BIPSS), in collaboration with IFES, USAID, and CEPPS, organized a workshop on ‘Building Awareness to Combat Fake News and Disinformation’ at Hotel Bengal Blueberry in Dhaka. The workshop aimed to raise awareness about the menace of disinformation and fake news. Divided into two sessions, the event featured Mr. Shafqat Munir, Head of BCTR and Senior Research Fellow at BIPSS, and Tasnuva Alam Ahona, a Multimedia Journalist from The Business Standard, as speakers. The participants were mostly journalists and students. While Mr. Shafqat delved into evolving trends in disinformation and how it spreads across various media platforms, Ms. Ahona discussed the sources of disinformation, offering strategies to identify and counter them. It was an insightful and empowering event, emphasizing the need for responsible news consumption and digital citizenship.

Building Awareness to Combat Fake News and Disinformation | 13 Aug 2023

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  1. Overall, this article serves as an important reminder of the significance of public awareness regarding the impact of disinformation, highlighting the positive role of BIPSS and their partners in supporting education and responsible information literacy.

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