Transational Terrorism — Evolving Threats and Responses’

Mr. Shafqat Munir, Head of Bangladesh Centre for Terrorism Research (BCTR) and Research Fellow at BIPSS recently spoke at the annual conference of the United Services Institute of India (USI). The central theme of the conference was ‘Transational Terrorism — Evolving Threats and Responses’. Mr. Munir deliberated on ‘Evolving Trends of Radicalisation in South Asia’. In his presentation he highlighted the current challenges and emerging trends in violent extremism and radialisation and proffered some important policy recommendations. The conference was attended by senior policy makers, academics, members of the armed forces, members of the local and foreign media and foreign diplomats stationed in New Delhi. Speakers at the conferences included scholars and practitioners from various countries and regions.

Established in 1780 the USI is the oldest think tank in South Asian and perhaps the wider Indo-Pacific region. Over the decades it has established itself as a centre of excellence on national security studies. BIPSS has an institutional partnership with USI for over a decade.

Transational Terrorism – Evolving Threats and Responses

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