Strategic Shock: A Threat to National and Global Stability

Consecutive unexpected incidents have disrupted the world in the 21st century and currently, we are facing the COVID-19 global pandemic which has caused substantial impediments to politics, economy and social fabric. Such strategic shocks have inclined decision makers and strategists to be more oriented towards domestic issues, public health policy and environmental concern as these need comprehensive national preventive measures. The next disastrous surge is never known and thus definite course of action is to be taken beforehand.

The recent commentary of Mr. Simen Agnalt Nilsen discusses the “Strategic Shock: A Threat to National and Global Stability” and what repercussions it has on the national and global stability and highlights how we should stay prepared for the next upcoming one. Mr. Simen is currently pursuing his International Masters in Security Intelligence and Strategic Studies (IMSISS) as part of the Erasmus Mundus programme, at University of Glasgow.  Recently he has joined as a Research Intern with Bangladesh Institute of Peace and Security Studies (BIPSS)

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