Small Group Socialization on Climate Change and Security

Bangladesh Institute of Peace and Security Studies (BIPSS) recently organized a “small group socialization” at the Hotel Renaissance Dhaka. It was one of the first activities of the European Union (EU) funded project on “Climate Change and Security: Addressing Potential Instabilities in Bangladesh”. The discussion was under the moderation of Major General ANM Muniruzzaman, ndc, psc, (retd), President, BIPSS, who commenced the discussion by implying the potentiality of climate change issue on a wider prospect. Representatives from EU, IFES, security institutions, civil society, community group members and researchers were also present in the program.

In the opening remarks, the concept of securitization due to the vastness of impacts of climate change were firmly articulated, which later rolled onto the nuanced understanding of the issue. Climate change is not a traditional security concern, but rather an issue that may reach the point of securitization, with the specific dynamics varying across different countries. The impact of climate change is immense and pervasive because it is not limited to a single sector, but rather encompasses multifaceted stresses that permeate various aspects of human life. Mr. Shafqat Munir, Senior Research Fellow at BIPSS, addressed the non-linearity of the impacts posed by climate change.

During the interactive session, a wide range of insights were brought forward. Geopolitical implication, national instabilities at the time of climate crisis, grassroot methodologies in fighting with climate-induced disasters, water scarcity for embankment projects on the main rivers as well as pollution, were highly focused in the discussion. Moreover, the linkage between climate change and vulnerable groups was introduced.

Severe human activity, change in the monsoon period, sea-level rise, salinity intrusion, hydro conflict on regional rivers, corruption, all result in rattling the stability of the country. It was recommended to put an uninterrupted focus to these issues otherwise the consequences will be unpredictable and overwhelming.


Small Group Socialization on Climate Change and Security

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