President BIPSS Joins International Military Advisory Council on Climate Change and Security

President BIPSS Major General Muniruzzaman (retd.) has joined The International Military Advisory Council(MAC) on “Climate Change and The Military: Copenhagen and Beyond”, as part of the program on Climate Change and International Security (CCIS).

The formation of the Military Advisory Council (MAC) was initiated by Institute of Environmental Security (IES) based in The Hague and is partnered with Chathan House (UK), IUCN, Brooking Institution (USA), Woodrow Wilson International Center(USA) and others. The group brings together eminent scholars/experts selected from around the world to work on the critical area of climate security and address a number of major issues associated with it. One of the initial main areas of work will be to consolidate and analysethe research findings on the impact of climate change on global security and make a statement/recommendation to the climate negotiators in the Copenhagen Summit in December 2009.

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