Geostrategic Importance of the Indo Pacific: Ensuring a more Inclusive, Secure Future

The growth of multilateralism and connectivity has ushered in a new era of world order, where growth can no longer be achieved through isolation, and cooperation is key. While keeping it in consideration, the implications of Indo-Pacific in this newfound world order can’t be denied. “Policy guidelines for the Indo-Pacific: Shaping the 21st Century” by the Federal Government of Germany, significantly highlights the importance that the region will keep on upholding for the upcoming future.

Mr. Nafiz Farhan, Research Assistant at BIPSS, has formulated a review of the paper entitled ‘Geostrategic Importance of the Indo Pacific: Ensuring a more Inclusive a Secure Future’, where he has attempted to highlight the core issues towards promoting inclusivity with the geostrategically important region that is the Indo-Pacific, but also has emphasised upon the significance of this paper as blueprint for nations around the world to adopt in order to ensure inclusivity and mutual growth.

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