China-South Asia Relations: A Dynamic Contour

We are currently at a very critical juncture of history. The rise of China coincides with the evolving nature of South Asia’s geopolitics and its internal dynamics. Despite the global financial crisis, China has been able to maintain its economic growth momentum. The phenomenal and robust growth has given China a strong economy. South Asia is also in transition- India is rising, Indo-Pak rift still continues, fight against terrorism in Afghanistan and Pakistan is on. At the same time, Sino-South Asian exchanges are seemingly at an all-time-peak now. Sino-South Asia relations and the changing contours depend much on South Asia’s internal dynamics. In light of the stated premise, it is very important to study and analyse China’s relations with major South Asian countries. This brief is aimed at illustrating China’s political, economic and defence cooperation with four South Asian countries- Bangladesh, India, Myanmar and Pakistan.

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