Building Awareness on Disinformation among youth

Disinformation and hoaxes have long posed a threat to democracy and freedom on a worldwide scale. That is why it is high time to spread awareness among youth so that they can navigate the sea of disinformation to become good digital citizens. To counter this threat and build awareness and resilience, BIPSS, in collaboration with the Public Diplomacy Section, U.S. Embassy Dhaka, hosted a workshop titled, ‘Building Awareness on Disinformation among youth’ at the EMK Center. The workshop was attended by students from multiple reputed universities in Bangladesh.

BIPSS is going to organise a series of workshops, which will include members of the youth population where they can practically learn to use the various tools and grow the concept to identify and distinguish fake news and disinformation. Stay tuned. For more updates and information, please visit our website:

Building Awareness on Disinformation among youth

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