Building Awareness Against Disinformation Among Youth

The Bangladesh Institute of Peace and Security Studies (BIPSS), in collaboration with the U.S. Embassy (Public Diplomacy section), hosted its workshop titled, ‘Building Awareness Against Disinformation Among Youth’ at the EMK Center Dhaka.
The young generation needs to understand what information they share in the social media. Information technology is advancing in leaps and bounds, and the dangers of disinformation, misinformation and fake news loom large. The youth must be aware of these dangers and prepare themselves accordingly.
The workshop was conducted by the Head of the Bangladesh Center for Terrorism Research and Senior Research Fellow at BIPSS, Mr Shafqat Munir and the Project and Event Coordinator of BIPSS, Ms Lamia Rahman Tammi.
The workshop was attended by various university and college students of Dhaka. The sessions were very interactive, with insights from all the students.

Building Awareness Against Disinformation Among Youth

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