BIPSS Journal -‘Peace and Security Review’

Volume 2 . Number 2 . Second Quarter 2009

The latest edition of Peace and Security Review (Second Quarter,2009) has been published. Both nationally and internationally renowned scholars, academicians and policy makers have contributed in the current volume of this journal.

INSIDE the Journal

  • Nepal: Terai-Based Militancy and Its Transnational Implications 
    Nishchal N. Pandey
  • Taliban on the March: Threat Assessment and Security Implications for the Region 
    Safdar Sial
  • Pragmatism within Dogma: The hidden Strategy of Global Jihad 
    Hrishiraj Bhattachatjee
  • The Security Dimension of Climate Change 
    Obayedul Hoque Patwary
  • President george W Bush and Beginnings of the War on Terror 
    James Veitch


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