Bangladesh: Our Maritime Future

BIPSS recently organized a lecture club discussion on ‘Bangladesh: Our Maritime Future’ at Hotel Lake Castle, Dhaka. The event featured distinguished speaker Rear Admiral A.S.M.A Awal, NBP, OSP, ndc, psc, MDS, MBA (Retd.), Former Ambassador and Assistant Chief of Naval Staff, Bangladesh Navy. Major General ANM Muniruzzaman, ndc, psc (retd), President of BIPSS, moderated the discussion, advancing an engaging exchange of views. Former ambassadors, diplomats from Dhaka-based Embassies, officials from international organizations, and academics attended the event.

In the opening speech, the moderator stated that Bangladesh is a key maritime power as it is geographically located at a key geostrategic location at the mouth of the Bay of Bengal. Bangladesh is also a Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean Country. Rear Admiral A.S.M.A. Awals’ lecture focused on 3 areas: Sea lines of Communication, Sea Resources, and strategic domain.

The discussion ended with an insightful, interactive session.

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