Bangladesh-China Development Cooperation: Experience and Outlook

Recently, The Centre for Policy Dialogue, a renowned Bangladeshi think tank organised a virtual dialogue titled “Bangladesh-China Development Cooperation: Experience and Outlook”. The virtual conference brought together senior academics, heads of think tanks, diplomats, captains of industry among others. The event was graced by the presence of Mr. Md. Shahriar Alam, MP, honourable State Minister of Foreign Affairs as the chief guest. The Bangladesh Ambassador to China and the Chinese Ambassador in Dhaka also spoke on the occasion. President, BIPSS, Major General ANM Muniruzzaman, ndc, psc, (Retd.) was one of the keynote speakers in the conference.

In his remarks, President, BIPSS stressed on the need for Bangladesh to remain careful in a time of strategic change. He especially stressed on the importance of preserving our strategic autonomy and taking maximum advantage of all the strategic initiatives such as the Indo-Pacific strategy and Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). He also highlighted Bangladesh’s growing geo-strategic significance in the Bay of Bengal region.

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