Climate Change Cell

BIPSS Launches Climate Change Cell

The issue of Climate Change is becoming a concern for Bangladesh. If the expert opinions of various national and international climate change cell proves to be true, Bangladesh will face serious consequences due to this phenomenon in the days to come. Bangladesh is among the most vulnerable states in the world facing the threats of climate change and the level of its vulnerability poses security threats to the state.

Following this, BIPSS has established a Climate Change Cell in the institute to monitor, analysis and to formulate policy recommendations for the government agencies, policy makers and foreign development partners. Our primary focus area will be the security dimensions of climate change. We are studying both the human security dimensions of climate change and the climate change related social unrest and intra/ inter state conflict.

BIPSS, under the auspices of its newly launched Climate Change Cell, will cooperate and collaborate with relevant government and donor agencies to lessen the threats posed by climate change.