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The Changing Contours of Terrorism – A Threat Assessment
Non Traditional Security Threats in the Indo-Pacific Region
A World in Turmoil: The Fallout from the Ukraine Conflict
The Changing Dynamics of the Middle East: Implications for Bangladesh?
Stockholm Forum 2022
Revisiting the Rohingya Crisis: What Lies Ahead?
Sustaining Peace Amidst the Climate Crisis: The Role of Data Science, Technology and Innovation
South Asian Security Challenges
Escalation Dynamics : A Study of the Ukraine War
South Asia and the Rules-Based International Order
The Emerging World Order: How Will Bangladesh Navigate?
Climate Emergency: Understanding the Consequences
Bangladesh: Our Youth, Our Future
The Strategic Significance of the Bay of Bengal and Role of Bangladesh
Bangladesh in Next 50 Years: Vision of an Editor
Women’s Empowerment through Journalism
Women in Journalism: Prospects and Challenges
Women in Politics: Shaping the Future
Belt and Road Initiative (BRI): Connecting The World
Living in a World of Fake News and Disinformation
Ambassador of Switzerland to Bangladesh Visits BIPSS
Ambassador of EU to Bangladesh Visits BIPSS
Australian High Commission Dhaka recently visited BIPSS
Quad and AUKUS: Creating Strategic Ripples in the Indo-Pacific
Developing a Critical Understanding Against Fake News and Disinformation
Influence Operations
Bangladesh: Ground Zero for Security Impacts of Climate Change
Geo Politics of South Asia and it’s Emerging Security Landscape
The Threat of Religious Extremism in Bangladesh and Ways of Countering the Threat
Singapore Consul to Bangladesh visited BIPSS
British High Commissioner to Bangladesh visited BIPSS
Indo – Pacific Strategy Conference in France
BIPSS Delegation Visits CLAWS, India
Geopolitical Developments in South Asia and Its Implications
Living in An Age of Disorder
Economic Summit at Kolkata, India
A delegation from Sichuan University, China, visited BIPSS
6th China – Bangladesh Cooperation Forum | 2nd Day of The Forum
6th China – Bangladesh Cooperation Forum
Members of the French parliament ‘Assemblee Nationale’ visited BIPSS
Transational Terrorism – Evolving Threats and Responses
Expert Meeting on Countering Violent Extremism (CVE)
Expert Meeting on CVE
Power of the pen: An Essential Tool for Democracy
Roving Ambassador of Finland to South Asia visited BIPSS
COSATT Planning Meeting held in Bangkok
Hongqiao International Economic Forum in Shanghai
President Attends Conferences in Belgium
Evolving Nature of International System
COSATT Meeting and Panel Discussion in Colombo, Sri Lanka