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Asia – Pacific Forum on Security Sector Governance and Reform (SSG/R)
Emerging Security Challenges: South Asian Security Landscape
Building Awareness Against Disinformation Among Youth
Rohingya Refugee Crisis: Restrategising the Future
Disinformation and Influence Operations: A Threat to National Security
The Burma Act 2022: Implications for Bangladesh and Regional Security
Two Years of Military Rule in Myanmar: Ramifications for the Future
Building Awareness Against Disinformation Among Youth
Foundation of Bangladesh’s Foreign Policy Interactions
‘Building Awareness on Disinformation among youth’ at the American Corner, Rajshahi
Women: Empowerment & Education
Building Awareness on Disinformation among youth
Maritime Security Challenges in the Indo Pacific
Instability in Myanmar: Implications for Bangladesh and the Region
Asia Pacific Forum for Security Sector Governance (SSG)
The Changing Contours of Terrorism – A Threat Assessment
Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary Ms. Donna A. Welton Visits BIPSS
Non Traditional Security Threats in the Indo-Pacific Region
A World in Turmoil: The Fallout from the Ukraine Conflict
The Changing Dynamics of the Middle East: Implications for Bangladesh?
Stockholm Forum 2022
Revisiting the Rohingya Crisis: What Lies Ahead?
Sustaining Peace Amidst the Climate Crisis: The Role of Data Science, Technology and Innovation
South Asian Security Challenges
Escalation Dynamics : A Study of the Ukraine War
South Asia and the Rules-Based International Order
The Emerging World Order: How Will Bangladesh Navigate?
Climate Emergency: Understanding the Consequences
Bangladesh: Our Youth, Our Future
The Strategic Significance of the Bay of Bengal and Role of Bangladesh
Bangladesh in Next 50 Years: Vision of an Editor
Women’s Empowerment through Journalism
Women in Journalism: Prospects and Challenges
Women in Politics: Shaping the Future
Belt and Road Initiative (BRI): Connecting The World
Living in a World of Fake News and Disinformation
Taliban Takeover in Afghanistan: Regional and International Implications
Ambassador of Switzerland to Bangladesh Visits BIPSS
Ambassador of EU to Bangladesh Visits BIPSS
Australian High Commission Dhaka recently visited BIPSS
Quad and AUKUS: Creating Strategic Ripples in the Indo-Pacific
Security Implications of Climate Change: Human Security Landscape
Bangladesh-India Relations @50: Vision for the Next 50
Developing a Critical Understanding Against Fake News and Disinformation
Navigating Climate Peril: What kind of Leadership will it take?
Post COVID World Order: Changing Foreign Policy Dynamics and Future Security Implications
Influence Operations
Biodiversity and Security
Inundated and Unstable: Understanding the Security Implications of Climate Change
Geo Politics of South Asia and it’s Emerging Security Landscape
Vijay Diwas@49: Liberation of a Great Nation
The Threat of Religious Extremism in Bangladesh and Ways of Countering the Threat
Singapore Consul to Bangladesh visited BIPSS
British High Commissioner to Bangladesh visited BIPSS
Indo – Pacific Strategy Conference in France
Bangladesh: Economic Outlook 2020