Bangladesh Centre for China Studies

The rise of China is one of the most significant events of this century. With astonishing economic growth coupled with rising diplomatic and political power, China is already playing an important role in transforming the global geopolitical scenario. The coming decades are likely to see an even greater growth in Chinese power and influence. China’s rise has significant strategic and security implications for the South Asian region. Therefore, it is critical to study how South Asia can effectively engage China in the days ahead. Keeping that in mind, BIPSS has decided to establish Bangladesh Centre for China Studies (BCCS), a specialised centre within the BIPSS framework. The new centre will consist of researchers who will be focusing on China and will be led by President, BIPSS Major General Muniruzzaman (Retd).

The principal objective of this new centre would be to understand and study Chinese Foreign Policy, to analyse Chinese Security and also study Chinese economic advancement with a view to advocate greater economic and development cooperation between Bangladesh and China as well as China and the greater South Asian region. The new centre will also partner with Think Tanks and universities in China as well as other institutes eslewhere focusing on China.

The new centre shall endeavour to work as a bridge between China and South Asia.